About the Research Foundation

Articles of Incorporation
UM Affiliation Agreement 
UMF-UMRF Affiliation Agreement


The University of Mississippi Research Foundation is organized and operates for scientific, literary, charitable, and educational purposes exclusively for the benefit of The University of Mississippi.


  • Encourage, promote, and support activities related to the development of new technologies and research.
  • Engage in activities related to the stimulation, protection, and exploitation of intellectual property developed at, by, or in association with The University of Mississippi.
  • Provide means by which discoveries, inventions, processes, and work products of faculty, staff, and students of The University of Mississippi may be patented, developed, applied, and utilized in order that the results of such research may be made available to the public and the funds therefrom shall be made available from such discoveries, inventions, processes, and work products for further research at The University of Mississippi.
  • Serve business and industry of the State of Mississippi, the region, the nation, and the world by assisting with the research and development of new technology through utilization of resources of the Research Foundation through contractual agreements.
  • Promote contractual arrangements with business, industry, and state and federal governments in order to facilitate the transfer of technology to the commercial marketplace.
  • Promote development of new business and industries formed for the purpose of bringing technology developed by The University of Mississippi to the marketplace.
  • Facilitate the development or “incubation” of companies and/or expansion of companies that will improve the economic development of the region, by providing facilities, resources and support necessary for initiation of a new business or industry, including but not limited to developing and managing research, business incubator or innovation parks and facilities.
  • Apply for and seek federal, state, and other grants or other external funding to further its purposes.
  • Do such other appropriate and necessary things as are consistent with the research and development purposes and goals of The University of Mississippi.